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Indonesia Tours

Indonesia Tours The Indonesian Archipelago consists of thousands of islands with a wide variety of cultures and landscapes. Tri Jaya Tour & Travel can bring you to the most beautiful places of this fascinating country. Tri Jaya is specialized in tours all over...

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A tour through West Sumatra

After the long journey all the way from North Sumatra we finally arrive in West Sumatra, the beautiful highlands of the Minangkabau people. This is a unique society as the matrilineal system and heritage goes via the wife. It is the husband who has to follow the wife and her family. It is even more interesting if we consider the fact that the Minangkabau people follow Islam, a religion considered to be dominated by men. Before we enter the beautiful city of Bukittinggi, we pass by the small village of Palupu. In the jungle near this village we can see the Rafflesia, the largest flower on earth. Depending

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