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Discover The Wonders Of West Sumatra

West Sumatra – The Sumatra Tiger in the Kerinci Seblat. White, sandy beaches and crystal clear water on the islands along the West Sumatran coast, the archictecture and silverworks of Kota Gadang, the world famous Padang culinary delights and a lot more to explore.

West Sumatra, the heartland of the matriarchal Minangkabau, a culturally rich and savvy people who have successfully exported their culture, language, cuisine and beliefs throughout Indonesia and whose soaring architecture dominates the cities and villages.

Coastal Padang is a transport hub and popular pit stop for surfers, trekkers and indigenous-culture enthusiasts bound for the Mentawai Islands. Scenic traveller-friendly Bukittinggi is surrounded by picturesque villages where traditional artisans still ply their trades, while the gorgeous Danau Maninjau, the secluded Harau Valley and Kerinci Seblat National Park provide plenty of scope for outdoor adventure.