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Sumatra Indonesia Package Tours

We will take you to the most beautiful places on Sumatra, such as Lake Toba, impressive West Sumatra, the Orangutan Sanctuary in Bohorok/Bukit Lawang, the Elephant Sanctuary in Tangkahan, the unspoiled rainforest in Kerinci and Ketambe and white sandy beaches on the coast. Bohorok / Bukit Lawang is located at the edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park in North Sumatra, home of the critically endangered Orangutans.

One of the ways to help conserve the Leuser national park is through sustainable tourism, as this provides economic incentives for the local population and government to conserve our magnificent rain forest for our well-being, and ensure the survival of the wildlife. We can organize a fascinating Sumatra adventure tour for you with jungle trekking, Orangutan spotting and volcano climbing, all customized according to your wishes.