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Berastagi & Sipiso-Piso Day Tour from Medan

What to Expect:

Discover Berastagi’s splendour on this 1-day adventure. Depart from your Medan hotel to the Karo Highlands. Here, two magnificent volcanoes, Sibayak and Sinabung, grace the landscape. Berastagi, known for its bountiful agriculture, hosts a vibrant fruit and flower market. At Gundaling Hill, framed between the active volcanoes, Mt. Sibayak and Mt. Sinabung, breathtaking panoramas await, offering a testament to nature’s might. Explore the Karo Batak traditions in the village of Dokan. Witness the captivating Sipiso-Piso Waterfall. 

Celebrate the beauty of Berastagi on this 1-day tour. Departing at 8 a.m. from your hotel in Medan, the journey transports you to the mountain village in the Karo Highlands, where two mighty volcanoes, Sibayak and Sinabung, grace the landscape. 

Berastagi, renowned for its rich agriculture, is the ideal setting for a visit to the vibrant fruit and flower market. Discover the traditions of the Karo Batak people in the authentic village of Dokan. 

Sipiso-piso waterfall is located in the Tanah Karo regency in North Sumatra, at the northernmost tip of the Lake Toba caldera, near the fishing village of Tongging. The waterfall is visible from the carpark, offers a breathtaking panorama encompassing the northern reaches of Lake Toba. The waterfall is formed by a small underground river of the Karo plateau that falls from a cave in the side of caldera of Lake Toba, some 120 metres (390 ft) down to lake level. Sipiso-piso is a well-known tourist attraction and a nearby vantage point offers views of the falls and lake.

For the adventurous and a closer encounter, a challenging descent to the base is an option, but be prepared for a steep and strenuous return journey. Plan a minimum of 2 hours for this trek.

Gundaling Hill, nestled between the active volcanoes, Mt. Sibayak and Mt. Sinabung, boasts stunning panoramic vistas of these volcanic giants. While Sibayak frequently releases sulfurous gases, Sinabung has seen eruptions in recent years, making this view an extraordinary testament to Earth’s raw power.

Hereafter return to Medan where you arrive in the late afternoon.

For those seeking more, enquire about combining this day with a sunrise trek atop Mount Sibayak, followed by a soothing thermal pool bath in the hot springs. 


  • 2 to 3 persons is USD  $75.00 per person.
  • 4 to 6 persons is USD $60.00 per person.

The price is inclusive of :

  • Transport in comfortable air-conditioned car + fuel
  • Driver and his meals
  • Entrance and parking fees

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