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Kota Gadang, the silverware village near Bukittingi

Kota Gadang is a beautiful picturesque silverware village near Bukittinggi, the village breathes an atmosphere of history and tradition. Situated at the other side of the Karbouwengat, which is called the Sianok valley in Indonesian. In the village, there are many beautiful, old, Dutch-style houses. The village breathes an atmosphere of history and tradition.

Kota Gadang Is Known For Its Fine Silverware House Industry

Famous Indonesians come from Kota Gadang, such as Soetan Shahrir, the first prime minister after independence, and Agus Salim, prime minister of foreign affairs. The reason that there are several prominent Indonesian politicians from Bukittinggi and surroundings is that there was already a high school in the 1920s so that Indonesians from this region could be well trained. Several of them followed university education in the Netherlands after which they played a leading role in Indonesian politics.

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