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What to Expect:

Day 1. Arrival in Medan.
Overnight stay in Hotel Deli River situated just outside Medan in the middle of a tropical garden. Here you can rest after the long journey or make a walk in the neighborhood.
Day 2. Medan – Bohorok, the orangutan rehabilitation center.
In the morning there is a city tour of Medan taking in the remaining original Dutch, English, Chinese and Malay architecture. Around twelve o’clock we depart for Bohorok (Bukit Lawang) via many rubber and palm oil plantations. Overnight stay in the jungle on the banks of the beautiful Bohorok river.
Day 3. Bohorok – own program.
In this impressive nature reserve, you can see the orangutans feeding in their natural environment. In
this impressive nature reserve, you can see the orangutans their natural environment. In order to see Sumatran wildlife
such as the Orang Utans, Siamang (black-furred gibbon), Thomas Leaf Monkeys, long tail Macaque and varieties of Sumatran birds,
you will make an easy jungletrek of 3 hours with an experienced local guide through the impressive tropical primary rainforest.
Trekkers must be fit and have suitable large profile shoes. Overnight stay in a hotel on the banks of the beautiful Bohorok river.
Day 4. Bukit Lawang – Brastagi.
You will make a trip along a fascinating route to the mountain village of Brastagi in the Karo Highlands. Here you can view two active volcanoes, the Sibayak, and the Sinabung. In Brastagi you can visit the colorful fruit market and the Karo Batak traditional villages in Peceren and Dokan. Overnight stay in Brastagi.
Day 5. Brastagi – Samosir.
Via a lovely route through the Karo highlands via pineapple, clove and ginger plantations. Stops en route at the tribal kings’ house of the Simalungun Batak in Pematang Purba and the Sipiso Piso falls. In the afternoon you arrive in Prapat at Lake Toba from where you cross the lake to the island of Samosir. The car goes with you. Overnight stay on Samosir island right on the lakeside.
Day 6. Samosir – tour.
During the tour over this picturesque island you visit typical Toba Batak villages: Tomok with its kings’ tombs, Ambarita with its execution tables and in Simanindo you can see traditional Batak dances. Overnight stay on Samosir.
Day 7. Samosir – own program.
Today you can take nice walks or have a swim in the lake. Overnight stay on Samosir.
Day 8. Samosir – Padang Sidempuan or Sipirok.
In the morning you cross the lake back to Prapat. From here you travel along the south side of Lake Toba, with beautiful rice fields and the huge Batak kings’ graves, to Padang Sidempuan or Sipirok in South Tapanuli. En route, you pass the hot sulfur springs at Sipoholon. Overnight stay in Padang Sidempuan or Sipirok.
Day 9. Padang Sidempuan/Sipirok – Bukittinggi.
At Bonjol you cross the equator. The route to Bukittingi in the Minangkabau highlands goes straight through the Bukit Barisan mountain ridge of Sumatra. It is an impressive tour during which you drive through a wall of the tropical rain forest. In the afternoon you arrive at the cool and pleasant town of Bukittingi. Overnight stay in Bukittingi.
Day 10. Bukittinggi – city tour and excursions.
In the morning there is a tour to the former Fort De Kock, situated at a strategic point on a high mountain. After then you visit the market and the famous ‘Karbouwengat’ (Ngarai Sianok), the impressive canyon beside the city. Around noon we depart for the Minangkabau Palace in Pagaruyung where you will see various aspects of the matriarchal society of the Minangkabau. Our next destination is the Harau nature reserve, famous for its huge rock formations and delightful butterflies. En route, you pass Batusangkar where you will see historic rock inscriptions in Hindu-Indian Sanscrit language. In the evening we return to Bukittinggi via Lake Singkarak. Overnight stay in Bukittingi.
Day 11. Bukittinggi – Maninjau.
Today you proceed to Maninjau via the silver village of Kota Gadang on the other side of the Karbouwengat. For the sportive, trekker the one hour walk through the deep Karbouwengat to Kota Gadang is a must! From Kota Gadang you will be picked up by the car for departure to the mysterious lake Maninjau, descending to the lake via the road with 44 curves. The lake is clean and still and excellent for swimming. Overnight stay in Maninjau.
Day 12. Maninjau – Padang.
Today you go to Padang via the beautiful Anai valley with the Anai waterfall. The harbor city of Padang on the Indian ocean is the economic center of West Sumatra. On arrival, there is a city tour of Padang. Overnight stay in Padang.
Day 13. Padang – Sungai Penuh (Kersik Tuo).
An impressive route along the western coastal route. Overnight stay in a simple accommodation in Kersik Tuo in the famous Kerinci nature reserve.
Day 14. Kersik Tuo – excursion in the Kerinci Seblat national park.
For the seasoned hiker, magnificent hikes with a local guide can be arranged. Of special interest are Lake Kerinci and the volcano Kerinci. Overnight stay in Kersik Tuo.
Day 15. Kersik Tuo – Bengkulu along the coast road.
Bengkulu was subject to British influence in the eighteenth century of which still remnants can be seen. A famous example is Fort Malioboro (Marlborough), a former British stronghold. Overnight stay in a nice hotel with a view of the seashore.
Day 16. Bengkulu – own program.
You can make a tour in the surroundings along the beautiful coast or discover the old city of Bengkulu. Well worth a visit is the fort of Malioboro. Overnight stay in Bengkulu.
Day 17. Bengkulu – Palembang.
From the province of Bengkulu, we drive east to the city of Palembang in South Sumatra. The important historic harbor city of Palembang on the shores of the Musi river is the second town of Sumatra. Overnight stay in Palembang.
Day 18. Palembang – city tour and boat excursion on the Musi river.
Eight hundred years ago Palembang was the center of the Sriwijaya empire of which there are still remnants. In the eighteenth century, the city was an important trade center for the Dutch. We can see the old Dutch fort and the former Governor house. A boat trip on the wide Musi river is highly recommended. Overnight stay in Palembang.
Day 19. Palembang – Bandar Lampung.
Today is a long journey through the province of South Sumatra to Bandar Lampung. Overnight stay in a hotel with a beautiful view over the Sunda straights, between Java and Sumatra.
Day 20. Bandar Lampung – Way Kanan.
At the end of your Sumatra tour, you go to one of the wildlife highlights of Sumatra, the Way Kanan nature reserve. In this undiscovered area, you will overnight on an open spot on the Way Kanan riverside in simple lodges of the forest rangers.
Day 21. Way Kanan – Own program.
In Way Kanan, you can make jungle walks in the area. Also possible is a boat trip on the silent Way Kanan jungle river which will enable you to see many animals from nearby. This boat trip is optional. Overnight stay in Way Kanan.
Day 22. Way Kanan – excursion to the elephant training center in Way Kambas.
In the past, the elephants were a threat to the local farmers as they destroyed the crops. Nowadays elephants are trained to work in the woods and as a tourist attraction. In Waykambas you can see elephants playing football. In the afternoon you arrive in Bandar Lampung for an overnight stay in a nice hotel with a view over the Sunda straights.
Day 23. Bandar Lampung – own program.
Overnight stay in Bandar Lampung.
Day 24. Bandar Lampung.
Transfer to the airport for your next destination. End of a special Sumatra tour.


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  • cost of the ferry Prapat – Samosir and vice versa
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