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Sumatran Orangutan Trek in Bukit Lawang: A Glimpse of the Jungle’s Heart

Explore Leuser National Park with Tri Jaya Tour & Travel, a family-owned local business dedicated to exceptional jungle trekking experiences. Our focus is on quality and safety, offering private tours to prioritize your adventure’s authenticity. We employ certified local guides with unparalleled knowledge of Sumatra’s diverse flora and fauna, ensuring an immersive exploration. Committed to guest safety, our consistent guiding team strictly adheres to national park regulations. Discover our thoughtfully curated Sumatra jungle trekking tours for an unforgettable adventure into the heart of the rainforest.


What to Expect:

Unveil the wonders of Sumatra on a day tour departing from Medan. Journey through palm oil and rubber plantations to Bukit Lawang, a former orangutan rehabilitation center nestled within Gunung Leuser National Park. Engage in a 3-hour jungle trek led by a knowledgable and experienced wildlife guide, allowing you to spot orangutans and a variety of exotic wildlife. Conclude your exploration with a return to Medan in the evening.


  • Encounter with Orangutans: Experience the magic of meeting these gentle giants in their natural jungle habitat.
  • Natural Treasures: Discover the diverse flora and fauna of the Gunung Leuser National Park.
  • Jungle Trek: Embark on a 3-hour guided trek through pristine rainforests. Departs everyday
  • Meet the Wildlife: Spot orangutans, Siamangs, Thomas Leaf Monkeys, long-tail Macaques, gibbons, various reptiles, and a variety of bird species.

Tour Description

Start your adventure at 8 a.m. as we depart from Medan. If you arrive early from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, we’d be delighted to pick you up from Kuala Namu Airport. Your journey takes you on a 3.5-hour drive through lush rubber and palm oil plantations to the enchanting town of Bohorok, situated in the Gunung Leuser Nature Reserve.

Here, you’ll be surrounded by the lush jungle, and the chances are high that you’ll encounter orangutans in their natural habitat. During a 3-hour trek, guided by experienced local experts, the secrets of the rainforest slowly unfold. This adventure opens doors to a world inhabited by magnificent orangutans, Siamangs (long-armed apes), Thomas Leaf Monkeys, long-tail Macaques, gibbons, various reptiles, and a symphony of birds.

After your jungle expedition, we’ll return to Bohorok and then make our way back to Medan. We conclude the tour by dropping you off around 7 p.m. at your address in Medan.

Daily Departures: We lead you into the heart of the jungle every day.

What to Bring: An extra T-shirt, a towel, and mosquito repellent are recommended.

Return via River Tubing: As an alternative, you can choose to conclude the trek with an adventurous descent via river tubing, offering a unique and refreshing way to return to the village. Price on Application.


If you wish to venture deeper into the jungle, we offer you the opportunity to extend your trek to 6 hours, a true immersion in this remarkable landscape. However, this extension requires an overnight stay in Bukit Lawang, turning your day trip into an unforgettable package tour. Price on Application.

Immerse yourself in the depths of Sumatran wilderness with our Bukit Lawang Day Tour, a journey etched with the magic of orangutan encounters, lush landscapes, and the vibrant heart of the jungle.


1  person         US $ 140 – per person

2 to 3 persons   US $ 100 – per person

4 to 6 persons   US $   90 – per person

7 to 10 persons US $  75 – per person

Included :

Private Transportation in an airconditioned car + fuel

Experienced private driver and his meals 

– Entrance and parking fees 

3 hours jungle trek inside the Leuser National Park with an experienced local private guide specialised in wildlife 


International and domestic flight tickets

Meals (lunch & dinner)

Personal expenses

Tips and donations

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