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Discover The Diversity Of North Sumatra

North Sumatra stretches from the Indian Ocean to the Strait of Melaka. From sea to shining sea, it is anything but homogeneous. The rolling landscape varies from sweaty plains to thick lush rainforests, and to cool highlands, while the houses of worship switch between the metal domes of mosques to the arrow-straight steeples of Christian churches, to elaborate Hindu and Buddhist temples. In the highlands around Danau Toba are the delightful Batak, and then there’s the megalithic culture of Pulau Nias.

North Sumatra offers a lot of impressive destinations and unique experiences. Encounter the Sumatran Orangutans in Bukit Lawang bordering the Mount Leuser National Park, hike up the Sibayak volcano for sunrise and get mesmerized by the panoramic views, visit the world’s largest crater lake Toba and explore Samosir Island, get up close and personal with the Sumatran Elephants in Tangkahan and/or the Barumun Nagari Wlidlife Sanctuary, witness the 9th century Sri Wijaya Empire era temples. Plenty of reasons to come to North Sumatra and immerse yourself in the warmth of the diverse cultures and discover its fascinating history, cuisine, and traditions. 

Discover North Sumatra with us and we will arrange a trip of a lifetime just for you!