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Medan Hash House Harriers

Medan Hash House Harriers



From the Medan Hash Year Book of April 16, 1977:


Give us your tired weak and weary and we will completely destroy them.




Over 100 years ago: Hare & Hound Club – original H.H.H.

“A merry company of athletic pedestrian sportsmen” who styled themselves the Thames Hare & Hounds Club were “want to seek a healthy pastime in the persuit of mock chase following a paper trail laid by two of their fellow”. They usually met at the “well known public house, the Kings Head, Roehampton Bottom,” where they equipped themselves in “fitting attire.” The running was “tolerably correct, but always spirited and full of enjoyment:. (From Illustrated London News, 27 November, 1869).


Sharper noses declare this was not the first has in history and that the longest Hash on record was that laid by the father of all Joint Masters, Moses. By the clever use of checks he kept the pack out for many years. The run featured an ON-ON in which the hounds were wiped out for a period exceeding the time required to go through the motions of preparing for the following run. These revels did not meet with the approval of higher authority and to curb the excesses being indulged in, the JMs brought in the Ten Commandments to keep the pack in line.




C.H. Lee, wrote the following historical notes in 1958:


Hash House Harriers Histororonics


For the benefit of those who have recently joined the Hash, and also perhaps for the enlightenment of others who have wondered how such a mob of incongruous bods ever disorganized themselves into a Hash, there is give below the only known historical note in captivity.


“The Hash House Harriers were founded in a moment of postprandial inspirations at the Selangor Club Chambers (Kuala Lumpur), about 1937, by the inmates, who included myself, E.J. Galvin, (Malay Mail), H.M. Doig (Harrisons & Crosfield – killed in an air crash just before the Japanese war) and A.S. Gispert of Evatt & Co.


Gispert was the real founder – a man of great wit and charm, who was killed on Singapore Island in February 1942 whilst serving with the Argylls, having only just returned from leave in Australia to rejoin the volunteers. I am glad of this opportunity to salute his memory. He was a splendid fellow and would be happy to know the Harriers are still going strong, and are as merry and bright as ever – or more so. Gispert was an athelete, and stress was laid as much on the subsequent refreshment etc. as on the pure and austere running. It was non-competitive, and abounded in slow-packs. Life was then conservative rather than competitive.


The name was a mock allusion to the institution that housed and fed us. Later, Torch Bennett returned from leave, and produced order out of chaos – a bank account balance sheet, and some system. But we prided ourselves on being rather disorganised – or the minimum organisation sufficed. The original joint masters were myself and “House” Thompson, still running somewhere – a past master at short-outs and the conservation of energy.


Celebrations were held in various places, and the flort was in what is now the Legislative Council, then the Volunteer Mess. The oratory, I recall, was much the same as now!


Lew Davidson is an old member. Morris Edgar was one, but apart from Lew and John Wyatt-smith I do not think there are anymore antediliuvians, still running. Philip Wickes was also one who kept us going post-war.


We started up again after the War due to Torch Bennett who discovered a Bank Balance and put in a claim for War Damage on the tin-bucket and two dozen mugs, and possibly two old bags (not members). We started by a small run in reduced circumstances round the race-course – the the horses were not much better.


The Emergency cramped our style but did not diminish our activities, and we were even called in for information on various by-ways in Selangor, but our period of usefulness to MI 5 was brief, and our information probably otiose. But the hares ran into two bandits at Cheras, who were latter copped.


An Irish Accountant, Kannedy, drew up the Rules and when we had to register as a club, and he seems to have preserved the old traditions just as you do now. Selamat tinggal H.H.H.”


February 1958. Signed: C.H. Lee


Note the underlined. The general ideas is that alle conditions of bodies are welcome, the real “Harrier” types, the rugby and football buffs, those with a conscience about boozing with no exercise, those who like a pleasant meander over Hong Kong country side once a week “and go twice as far taking short cuts!” in fact any likeable person even those pluck pheasants!


Further to this account records indicate that the 1960’s saw great expansion of the Hash. Initially throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Kalimantan,in the late 60’s it took roots in Australia. Hashes now exist around the world including USA and the UK. And women’s too, Harriettes seem to be here to stay and Joint Hashes also exist. I suppose there is no logical reason for its popularity except that some people prefer drinking after a bit of disorganized exercise enjoyed in good company. Some Hashes have relatively high degrees of organizations with formal AGMs, elections etc. As they say in Hong Kong, “I f you have half a mind to join the Hash, that’s all you need.”





Origin of HHH Sport


This sport organization was formed by one of the English soldiers in Malaysia before World WarII. As an English soldier who functioned in Malaysia, he liked to drink bier frequently. As a result of over-drinking bier, this soldier always got headache/dizzy. One time in the morning, this soldier felt dizzy and he ran as a trot in the surroundings of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. By so doing, he felt very comfortable and his dizziness disappeared. From that time onward, every Monday afternoon he did the same as above. During his practice, he met a restaurant by the name of “Hash House”.


Later, his friends noticed his purpose of the practice; and at last they followed him to participate in the practice. At last an organization was formed by using the name of the above-mentioned restaurant which supplied them with bier during their stoppage and rest there.


The Sport Organization was brought to Indonesia, and was developed in 1973 without losing the above characteristic of drinking bier by freeing from fatigue after the HHH Sport run.


In sponsoring this HHH Organization activities, PT Brasseries prepared its production of Galion and Baris bier. (Extract from local paper after 101st Run at Bir Baris Brewery).





Medan Hash House Harriers – Its Origins


According to David (Rocket) Stevens, there were actually some runs made around Medan. In 1973 the manager of Harrions & Crosfield, Nick (Gentleman Nick) Gent, had organised at least three family runs in the estated around Begerpang swimming pool in early 1973.


The Medan hash had its origins at a bank meeting in the Chartered Bank, Medan, attended by Rocket and John (Boobs) Brook. Rocket had gone to the bank to open un an account for his company Trakindo Utama, and there he met Boobs who was then the bank manager. After concluding his business, Rocket enquired of Boobs if there was a hash in Medan. Boobs replied that he had been trying to start one for years. As a result, these two got together with Gentleman Nick and the first official run of MH3 took place on the following Monday. There were five runners on the first run and it was held behind the Polonia airport, the On On was held in the Swan Bar.


The second run attracted nine runners, among them Lindsay (Digger Too) Few, who was to become the first Grand Master and the first local runner was Abdul (Hurricane) Hakim. On the third run the numbers shot up to twenty and a committee was appointed.


Rocket, Boobs and Gentleman Nick had all run on the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur hashes previously and set out the rules for Medan basically following these older ideals.




George Kerns (Jogger), one of the first Medan Hashers wrote the following:


Medan Hash History


The Hash House Harriers, started in Medan in 1970. A group of Jolly Joggers formed a rather loose knit group which met once a month at the Harrisons and Crosfield (Lonsum) Bagerpang swimming pool for a Saturday afternoon run starting at 5.15 which was usually followed by a barbeque or Chinese steamboat with swimming for all. I was somehow lulled into a false sense of feeling that running in the hash was the right thing to do in Medan so on or about the first of July 1972 I made my first Hash Run. What a mistake – my system still has not fully recovered from the shock. The hash committee at this time consisted of the hash cash Jerry Ogden who collected from everyone at each run and therefore did not keep any records of who ran or who didn’t. The Grandmaster if there was such a person was either Peter Russell of Harrisons and Crosfield or Rick Stobes of ICI (….) . The hash finally evolved to a point where they were running twice a month – once on a Saturday afternoon at Bagerpang and two weeks later on a Monday afternoon near Medan. The Saturday afternoon was a Family affair and the Monday afternoon for men only. About this time ICI donated the first Medan Hash Shirts which were bright orang with a simple H H H Medan on the front and ICI on the back. This was prior to the coming of Bir Baris so the Bemo simply consisted of the back of someone’s Landrover.


During May and June of 1973 many of the active hashers left Medan or on vacation. Returning in September there was a completely new group of people calling themselves the Hash House Harriers and taking full credit for starting the Medan Hash House Harriers. This conceited bunch of bastards ask me if I wanted to run with ‘The” Medan Hash House Harriers and since the other group had not reformed after summer vacation run it was.


This hash group after a short while became somewhat organized. They had a full hash committee from Grandmaster on down, published a weekly hash circular, had a hash headquarters, gave every runner a hash name and even kept records as to who ran on what dates – almost as bad as the army. The hash headquarters at this time was the top floor of Café the Swan at Jl. Raden Saleh Dalam which at that time was called ‘The Brewers Corner”. The down stairs area was referred to as Bun’s Mini-Market with both places owned and operated by “The Boss”.


Bir Baris started production about this time and the Bemo as we know it came into being. After that the MH3 moved to the Medan Coffee  House in Jl. Mangkubumi.. Then “Brewers Corner” moved with the assistance of Slithery Dee in to the Swan. Various names were put forward for this new establishment from the “Ruptured Duck” to the “Pregnant Guppie” however the “Boss” felt that “Rocket’s” suggestion of the Swan had the needed class.


At the Annual General Pissup held on 15 September 1975 the MH3 HQ were officially moved from the Medan Coffee House to the Swan. The Hash headquarters remained at the Swan until it started slipping to the point where it was almost like Australia – everyone knew where it was but nobody wanted to go there. The Swan finally closed down about run 175 – 1 November 1979 – and MH3 headquarters moved to the Marati Bowl Bar and Restaurant. (Nowadays the location of Medan Fair Plaza)


The Medan Hash has now evolved from the Jolly Joggers of 1970 to the point where everyone has hash bibs which they very seldom wear and for these hash bibs which are very seldom worn we have a hash bib stand. This bib stand is to hang your bibs on while you are running. Now on top of this bib stand we even have a notice board sometimes completed with chalk. Now to protect all this from the elements we even have a hash umbrella on top of the notice board. I guess this is what you call progress – ON! ON!


George Kerns “Jogger”





In August 1976 there was a hash in Penang where many Medan hashers joined. In 1977 were the Grand masters Lindsay “Digger Too” Few, George “Jogger” Kerns and Jim “Barefoot” Palmer.




Interview with Rudy Lie, (Lagger)


It was around 1973 when I joined. In the group were Lindsay Few, (Digger Too),  Jim Palmer, (Barefoot), Abdul (Hurricane) Hakim, he was the first local runner, George (Jogger) Kerns, Jerry Ogden, Rick (Never Sober) Stobes, and Peter Russell. Peter Russell of Harrions and Crosfield was the first Grand Master.


There were 2 company cars, it were Landrovers. One is the  BK 921, one is a BK 922. The 921 was used by Lindsay Few, the drilling manager of Union Oil. The BK 922 was of Jim Palmer, an oil contractor. In that time there was no draft beer yet. The beer factory was in Jl. Belawan. Beer Baris, which belonged to a French company. Before we went to the run site we first went to the minimarket getting the ice blocks.


The run sites were near Medan. Because around Medan everywhere was still jungle. Like behind the airport, on the Binjai road, Brastagi road. There were a lot of run sites. We went together in the two cars with a driver. It was not allowed to drive yourself. The rule was safety first because everybody drinks. You were not allowed to join the run if you drive yourself.


The On On was in the beginning in Jalan Selat Panjang. In 1975 there were 150 runners. In 1978 the hashers were half local and half expat. In that year we established the Medan Harriettes on Thursdays. This was the family run. The first Grand Lady (GL) of the Medan Harriettes was Lee Mai Ling, she was the owner of the Mikado bar at Jl. M.H. Yamin. The second GL was Joany Sudarno, she worked with Trakindo.


So the Medan hash was on Mondays for men and Thursdays for the family.


In 1991 there was a split. Some hashers washed their legs with beer, then started a quarrel. As we wanted to solve the matter I split them and established together with Dildo another hash, the  Deli hash. This was the second in Medan.


The Monday hash and the Thursday hash, remained, both belonged to the Medan Hash.


In 2004 Stainless and I organized the first Horas Hash at Lake Toba and after that every two years. The first inter-hash was in Hongkong in 1978. Medan hash was the largest group with 130 expats and 20 locals, in total around 150 people..


(Interview Rudy Lie (Lagger), Fountain Café, Hermes Plaza, Medan, 30-11-2016)





Below follows more information from the Yearbook 1977.



House rules of Café The Swan  


Bar Area

Rule 1. Drink defensively. Remember, the liver you save, may be your own. Also, accidents cause people.

Rule 3. Passing out is considered a serious breach of etiquette; passers out will be left where they fall.

Rule 7. Intemperance is frowned upon. Remember this simple rule: Always stop one drink short of having one too many. Please establish your individual O-T-M levels at your respective abodes, do not use the Swan facilities for this purpose.

Rule 8. Clothes must be worn at all times in the bar area; being drunk is not considered an appropriate excuse. Repeated and flagrant violations of this rule will be considered on the basis of individual merit.

Rule 10. While the drinking of water is permitted, it is not to be encouraged, and you will be charged Rp. 250/shot for the privilege.


Restaurant Area (upstairs)

Rule 1. Orders for food may only be placed through a certified food-order-taker.

Rule 2. Under no circumstance can food orders be placed through drink-order-takers. (p. 12)

Rule 3. A drink-order-taker my usually be distinguished by the items on the tray that he carries.

Rule 4. A food-order-taker can usually be distinguished by his conspicuous absence.

Rule 6. In the event that you desire edibles, do not quibble that you are not served what you ordered. Consider yourself lucky; eat, pay up and move out, allowing others the privilege of waiting.


Restroom Area

Rule 1. Walk, do not run, to the restrooms. Single file and no hand holding. Nu pushing, shoving, or crowding.

Rule 4. Despite the name, restrooms are not for resting. Attend to your own business, and don’t forget to wash up and zip up. No loitering.


Dart Area:

Rule1: Dart throwing is at best a dangerous undertaking and its practice should be limited to the Dart Area.

Rule 6: The Swan takes no responsibility whatsoever for accidental or premeditated puncture from darts. If you happen to be killed, the proprietor will organize the removal of your body; however, an appropriate fee will be charged to next of kin for rendering this service.


Post scriptum:

Suggestions, even when civil and typewritten, signed and submitted in triplicate, will be considered out of place in an establishment such as the Swan. Constructive criticism or complaints will not be considered, so don’t bother. Threats will be dealt with appropriately.


A play by Cecil Ng the celebrated Clacton Gurning Champion

Hashman:       ‘Well’

Another:         ‘Well what?’

Hashman         ‘Well where are we?’

Another too:   ‘We are stuck in a rice paddy that’s where we are.

Hashman:       ‘It’s a good false trail though’

Another:         ‘How do we get back?’

Another too:   (Removing large dog from his throat) ‘Let’s start again. ON! ON!

Overheard the trail.

‘Do you think it’s too short?’

‘There’s no need to get personal about this old boy…’




Map The World of Hash page  20 of the Yearbook 1977.




Russian consul

In 1976 Mr. Kouriatnkov of the Russian consulate in Medan come out and observe the hash activities. His observations were very keen for he soon figured out that there was no vodka on the Bemo and that this insane activity was certainly not for him and therefore this was to be his first and last hash. Mr. Koeriatnkov the Hash extends to you an open welcome. The Hash name of the “Rushin Russian” is waiting for you.




An Ode To Hashing


What is the Hash? Well it’s something like this

There’s trails to follow and trails to miss

The Hounds set out a pack, not alone

To follow paper laid out on trails unknown

Set by two Hares who earlier that day

Made efforts to see those Hounds loose their way


Those Hashmen who come, well, who are they?

Most like their beer, needless to say

Some run each week and clock up their fifty

Some emphasis beer and down it damn swiftly

Some come for occasion to stare at each other

Some fraternise hard, some stand under cover

A mixed bag of nationals it’s soon obvious to all

With a sprinkling of boomer just out for a ball

So accepting the fact thirst things come first

It’s bad times when the brew takes a turn for the worse


With that little intro’ I’ll now commence

To show you some action and actual events

All mustered at five at the spot advertised

Out in the boondocks where it was described

Grand Master shouts ‘ON-ON’ and all Hashers leave

Most sluggish at first, some impatient for speed

False trails, called ‘falsies’, come sooner than later

And confusion begins to get greater and greater

Down, run the paddy and over that bluff

Check out that falsie, that Hashman – he’s tough

Oh! he’s from the Big City a face with no name

So he’s here for two weeks then back again

That shirt back in front, a beer sign, with awe

I’ve passed it already three times before

He’s barely panting but that’s how it goes

If you’re in luck with your shortcut you keep your compose


Now “Short cutting bastards” that’s a class on its own

If the running’s too far they’re the first to moan

And if they wrong guess the trail left hand or right

The outwitted bastards might be out all night


Kids fill the Kampong as you run straight through

And excitement surrounds the white vested crew

“Hello Mister, where are you going?”

Is shouted at Hashers puffing and blowing


Without sighting ladies the Hash would be drear

Though real Hashers would run just to beef up as steer

But scenery’s scenery you will admit

And there can’t be Hasher whose eyes don’t wander a bit

So crossing the sungais that can be fine

When there’s naked wanitas just passing the time

Sometimes if you’re lucky up front of the crew

You see hour glass figures with sharp points in full view

If you think we’re rampageous to those we disturb

Reread as a tribute, no complaint has been heard


Foxed by a falsie and stuck in a paddy

No chance to turn round and put blame on a caddy

An Aussie got lost way out of sight

And was passed by a Brit who thought he was right

One Belgian said they’d never get back

And a Frenchman agreed and it got a bit slack

Then out of the jungle top dog emerged

Soaked over the crutch like he’d just been purged

That Hasher, a German, true blue at the game

Still moved like a rocket on any terrain

Then only to see at long range down the track

A band of S-see-B’s just wandering back

So let it be said a Yank does his best

To make tactical turns to outwit the rest


Inbound to the bemo it can’t be too far

But down this great Lorong could just do with my car

Inscrutable Chinaman clamour for space

Business in mind they push up the space

And Indian types though small in number

Who once swanned the proceedings but since have gone yonder


The way I’ve described it you’d think it is a race

Well its to the front ones that’s partly the case

But the point of the Hash if there is one at all

Is arrive back at the Bemo same time short and tall


Then a Hasher’s delight when he drinks of his gall

Is to have picked up a leech and curse at it all

But struck at low level by mosquito attack

Puts and apres-hash bing flat on its back


So if you last to your fiftieth, one hundredth or more

A tankard each fifty reminding your score

You’ll recall all those trips through the shiggy you made

And the turn-outs each Monday at five when you paid


One foot note further I will relay

Is of the Hash’s first runner and about his heyday

An Aussie again and living up there

Near the padang at K.L. to make it quite clear

Gispert his name and near forty years back

Got possessed with the notion to run round a bush track

When he’d worked it all out at near jogging speed

He’d get into the Hash House and take a good feed

Joined by like spirits around Selangor

The premier Hash soon worked up a score

Eventually spreading to points east and west

Now Penang’s the biggest while Medan’ the best.




HHH Sport incited in Medan

With participants from Penang, Ipoh and Medan.


HHH Sport (Hash House Harriers), that is: Sport originated from Malaysia was incited in Medan.


HHH Sport with a “dog run” at a trot of 100 metres was carried out on Monday afternoon at Martubung and was sponsored by PT. Brasseries Indonesia.


Bernard J. Kaas of PT. Brasseries Indonesia said: “In Medan this kind of sport take place every Monday. In the run, 2, o3 3 members are selected as ‘hares’ and the others will follow as ‘hounds’. ‘Hares’ who run first will leave pieces of paper (or the same kind) whereas the ‘hounds’ will chase and search for the pieces of paper as guide left by the ‘hares’.”


In that HHH Sport which took place on Monday afternoon, quite a number of people were attracted because, besides people who ran into the village, many of the participants lost their ways for they did not follow the pieces of paper that were left by the ‘hares’.




Medan Hash House Harriettes

First Ladies Run of the Medan Hash House Harriettes was at 13 November 1975. One of the first participants was Junie “Roller” Lauw.




Grand Master’s Address


Medan Hash House Harriers officially in existence for 4 years. Before official records were kept, it was run by a bunch of motley bastards on odd weekends, who always came staggering home more dead than alive, full of piss, and too bloody lazy to put their experience on paper.

This pack was finally gathered together by John ‘Boobs’ Brooks in 1973 and formed into the present Medan Hash. At least two of these old timers Jim ‘Passing Cloud’ McLeod and George ‘Jogger’ Kerns still turn out on Mondays for a bash at the old paddy and a few foaming frosties at the bemo afterwards.


Lindsay ‘Digger Too’ Few took over from ‘Boobs’ and ran the  pack  through untold massage parlours, steambaths and of course the inevitable shiggy, paddy, rubber and some exhausting mountain climbs.


‘Digger’ was the first to make a pilgrimage overseas and led a bunch of superfit Medan Hashers to Penang for their 500th, and all came back full of shit about how they even ran a Penang hash bloody hound into the ground.


Next Grand Master was George ‘Jogger’ Kerns, who had finally matured from the original bunch of unrecorded hashers and who is to be held responsible for introducing speeches into the Hash, and as a result many sleepless nights and nervous fits to yours truly.


The outgoing committee, some of who are responsible for putting this bunch of garbage together, spent several months talking about a Hash Year Book before doing anything about it. Previous committees also spent several months talking about a Hash Year Book, but were too pissed to do anything constructive.


Full credit for this mess must go to Hon Sec Keith ‘Road Runner’ Lester who unrelentlessly kept at it with help from Hash Cash, Richard, ‘Hi-Keyed’ Mead, Hash Sribe Peter ‘Trapper’ Ward, ex Grand Master George ‘Jogger’ Kerns and several others who helped with advice, bullshit, contributions and suggestions. Valuable assistance was also rendered by several harriettes for their help and advice and special thanks to Vicky ‘Vicks’ Siregar and Junie ‘Roller’ Lauw for typing and printing of hash paraphernalia.


I would also like to extend my gratitude to ‘Road Runner’ for the number of times he pulled me out of the shit when it was necessary to standup and say a few words in public!


Good running and the best of hash luck to the new committee for 1977/78.

You’ll bloody well need it!






Many attempts to produce a Hash Yearbook in Medan have been made in the past but this publication was produced with the express purpose to be sold for the highest prices. For the 200th run book what it is, a souvenir representing the historical event of 200 runs of the H3 in Medan.

200 runs! Means that MH3 has been around for a few years and if it takes that many years to produce a book, buy up big as it will be a long time before the next one. MH3 has a long and eventful history although no records exist to prove this – that’s hash and that’s also why editorial is so brief.


Without the express purpose of some so called ‘professional’ hashers, this book would never have been launched so orders of merit must be presented at this stage.

1st Roadrunner for his persistence with the idea

2nd Jogger and Hi-keyed for their ideas

3rd Trapper for his deliveries

4th Steamboat and Kung Fu for their costing procedures

5th To all you other bastards who did stuff all

6th To Vicks for your typing of efforts


In conclusion all people involved with this fine publication and especially our sponsors are gratefully thanked my MH3. Any reference to hashers whether they be past of present is purely intentional and any non reference to hashers past or present, well … that’s hash. Complaints and or comments regarding this book,or in fact, any other hash matter, will be treated as below. (followed a picture everything is thrown out of the window)



So far the information from the Medan Hash Yearbook 1977.





18th anniversary Medan Hash House Harriettes

13 November 1993


At November 13, 1993, the 18th anniversary Medan Hash House Harriettes was celebrated with a special run at Bergerpang on the premises of the London-Sumatra plantation. We were invited to this peaceful (that is till we showed up) area by the hares Well Oiled and Greasy Palms.


In order to give this celebration the international touch it deserves and because your hash scribe suffers from massive and incurable attacks of lazynitis once a week she asked a considerable number of runners to write down their experiences with this special run in their native tongues, language, dialect.


You can classify yourself. So no Dutch Queen’s English with mistakes galore written by someone who fell for all the pitfalls in English but a collection of juicy stories in a variety of English. Give special attention to the Arab and the Mandarin reports they are of outstanding quality.


Thanks to the people listed below you are now able to learn something of your fellow runners. Three of them did an excellent job with their candid camera and were so kind to provide us with some pictures of this run. Thanks to them too, not to mention the huge sums of money they asked for their snapshots.


Josine Koudenburg  (Going Dutch) (Hash Scribe)





The Down Down Song


Version 1

Here’s to..

Here’s to …

He’s true blue,

He’s a Hasher thru and thru

He’s a Hasher so they say,

And he’ll never get to heaven in a long, long way

Drink it down, down, down, down, down

down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down


Version 2

Here’s to..

Here’s to …

He’s true blue,

He’s a Hasher thru and thru

He’s a Hasher so they say,

And he tried to go to heaven, but he went the other way

Drink it down, down, down, down, down

down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down




Tone: Nona Manis Siapa Yang Punya


Medan Hash siapa yang punya

Medan Hash siapa yang punya

Medan Hash siapa yang punya

Yang punya kita semua


Lari Hash siapa yang suka

Lari Hash siapa yang suka

Lari Hash siapa yang suka

Yang suka kita semua


Masuk kali siapa yang mau

Masuk kali siapa yang mau

Masuk kali siapa yang mau

Yang mau ikut aku


Naik bukit siapa yang ikut

Naik bukit siapa yang ikut

Naik bukit siapa yang ikut

Yang ikut bisa sakit lutut


Dan lain lain


Medan Hash House Harriettes

Laporan – Hash – Report

18th anniversary / peringatan ke 18





Medan News

A local interest publication

June / Ju;y 1993

Bulletin Board

Medan Hash


Saturday 5th June. Details in the Hash Newsletter at Toko Mr. Ben.


Medan News

A local interest publication

August / September 1993

Bulletin Board

Medan Hash.

Monday for men only. Thursday for families. Contact Tina Foster 536879. Hash Newsletter available at Toko Mr. Ben every week.

Same text at : October / November 1993, December 1993 / January 1994, March / April 1994


Medan News

A local interest publication produced by community volunteers, September/October 1995, no. 14


Do you like wallowing in muddy rice paddies, picking leeches from your feet, eye-balling water buffalo whose territory you’ve unknowingly invaded? How about drinking beer? Men do all this Mondays starting at 5pm; the whole family can join on Thursday walks. Nonsense aside, this is a wonderful way to see a side of Sumatra – plantations, rice paddies, out-of the-way villages- that you might very well miss if your idea of foreign is Medan Plaza. Ask for a Hash Sheet at Lyn’s Café of Mr. Ben’s, or call Tina Foster (536-879) or Paddy O’Farrell (542-413).


Medan News

A local interest publication produced by community volunteers

June / July / August 1996 no. 18

Lyn’s Café

Your home away from home on Jl. A. Yani.

A place to meet old friends and make new friends. Enjoy Indonesian, Chinese and Western meals, along with the coldest draft beer in Sumatra. Play darts. Have your shoes shined. Get the latest information about activities of the Medan Hash House Harriers and Harriettes. Meet the friendliest Parkirs in Medan. Do it all at Lyn’s. Monday – Friday: 10am-11pm. Saturday-Sunday: 10am-12m.

Same text at February/March 1998, no. 26


Medan News

A local interest publication produced by community volunteers

September/October 1999, no. 32


Do you like wallowing in muddy rice paddies, picking leeches from your feet, eye-balling water buffalo whose territory you’ve unknowingly invaded? How about drinking beer? Men do all this Mondays starting at 5pm; the whole family can join on Thursday walks. Nonsense aside, this is a wonderful way to see a side of Sumatra – plantations, rice paddies, out-of the-way villages- that you might very well miss if your idea of foreign is Medan Plaza. Ask for a Hash Sheet at Lyn’s Café of Mr. Ben’s, or call Tina Foster (536-879) or Steve Flowerdew 0811-0234 or 0811 614 809.





So far the information about the Medan Hash I have collected, the structure of this text about the Medan Hash still has to be set up.





As we have seen is the information from the Medan Hash Yearbook from 1977 very informative, often well written and nice to read.


The interview with Lagger provides extra information as well the report from the 18th anniversary of the Medan Hash House Harriettes in 1993.


In the end general info about the hash is presented via several copies of the Medan News Bulletins in the 1990s.


It  would be nice if someone can add information so that the Medan Hash Story will be more complete.


Herewith a link to the hash story on youtube.



Medan, 28 September 2021


Dirk A. Buiskool (Omlandia)