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Gloegoer (Glugur) was an industrial area half way between Medan and Pulo Berayan. Between April 1942 and June 1944. there was an internment camp for women and children as well as a POW camp. The site had been established in 1913 as a camp for contract laborers, near the main road and railroad to Belawan. It consisted of five large and three small family baracks also called ‘hongs’. From June 1944 women and children from Poeloe Berayan were interned here. In July 1945 they were moved to Aek Pamienke II. The latter women’s camp was called Gloegoer II. Camp Gloegoer I was was from April until May 1942 located in former coolies’ sheds a kilometer east of the main road. (Dulm 2000: 40).