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Visit the old but lovely mining town of Sawahlunto with Tri Jaya Tour & Travel. Ask us for the possibilities and prices.

Sawahlunto: A mining town in West Sumatra

Sawahlunto is a mining town in West Sumatra and is known as the black pearl. In the middle of the 19th century, coal was discovered here and the Ombilin mines were then built. Already in 1894, a power plant was built for which coal was used as fuel.

Railroad of Padang

A few years earlier, in 1899, the construction of a railway was initiated from Padang to Sawahlunto for the transport of coal to the Emmahaven (Teluk Bayur) of Padang.

Sawahlunto as a tourist destination

Sawahlunto became a small but important place with public facilities, offices, hotels and shops. Nowadays, the old mining town with beautiful colonial buildings is a tourist attraction. The former club, built in 1910, is now the cultural community building of Sawahlunto.

Sawahlunto 1 - Sawahlunto

Coal mining town

Sawahlunto is the only coal mining town in West Sumatra, known as the town of the Black Pearl. Coal was found here since the mid-19th century and afterward, the Ombilin mines were built. Already in 1894, an electric power plant was constructed using coal as fuel.

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A few years before, in 1889, a start had been made with the development of a railway line from Padang to Sawahlunto, for the transportation of the coal to the port Emmahaven (Teluk Bayur) in Padang.

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