Sumatra jungle

Sumatra is known for its massive unspoiled jungle. There are still impressive rainforests in North- and West Sumatra along the Bukit Barisan, the central mountain ridge of Sumatra. Vast jungle can be experienced in the Gunung Leuser nature reserve in Southern Aceh and North Sumatra province and even near to Medan on the road to Brastagi. The Sumatra jungle offers a huge variety of flora and fauna with monkeys, birds, butterflies and countless other animals in this primeval forest.

Jungle around Medan

If you drive from Medan to Brastagi in the Karo highlands you pass through a beautiful jungle area. It is possible to make walks through this area via set out tracks. During these jungle walks you have magnificent views over the area. Only half an hour drive from the huzzle and buzzle of hectic Medan you find yourself in this beautiful environment. Good physical shape and appropriate shoes are required for such jungle walks.

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