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Professor Heike Kamerlingh Onnes and colleages

On the picture from around nineteen twenty we see prof. H. Kamerlingh Onnes and his wife with some colleages among them their friend Albert Einstein ( standing behind mrs. Kamerlingh Onnes)


.. All lines are tight like piano strings and this morning in a temple I experienced something of the tight and pure, which impression one also gets when looking into a grand piano.. (p.211)

Jungle river

Jungle .. In the woods there is a narrow trail, sometimes seeming like a staircase along a rockwall. If you look above, you see tower-high trees. It is almost like walking under a chimney with cables and tubes hanging down. What it really is, is vines….. From above...

Mrs. Tip-Steenbergen

Mrs. Tip .. She plays like a professional but with much expression, very nice to listen to… I heard she also composes music. In any case it is very nice to have someone on board like her, for a contrast to the other music.. (p.40)