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.. All lines are tight like piano strings and this morning in a temple I experienced something of the tight and pure, which impression one also gets when looking into a grand piano.. (p.211)

Jungle river

Jungle .. In the woods there is a narrow trail, sometimes seeming like a staircase along a rockwall. If you look above, you see tower-high trees. It is almost like walking under a chimney with cables and tubes hanging down. What it really is, is vines….. From...

Rafting trip

.. the rapids are great fun .. you go with quite a lot of speed around the curves, there are steep walls of rocks, and islands of rocks, whereover you hear the water streaming…(p.112)

Mrs. Tip-Steenbergen

Mrs. Tip .. She plays like a professional but with much expression, very nice to listen to… I heard she also composes music. In any case it is very nice to have someone on board like her, for a contrast to the other music.. (p.40)