Sumatra travel

Sumatra Travel Specialist

Tri Jaya Tour & Travel is specialized in tours all over Sumatra and in Cultural and Historical Tours. We bring you to the most beautiful places on the island such as Lake Toba, impressive West Sumatra, tropical islands along the coast, the orang utan sanctuary in Bohorok and the elephants in Tangkahan.

Historical tours
Besides the highlights of Sumatra we introduce you to the places of historical interest, architecture and culture of Sumatra. For those people with personal memories of Sumatra and for everybody who is curious what still can be found of Sumatra’s history, we arrange special cultural and architectural tours about the Malay, Batak and Minangkabau tribes, as well as colonial history. It still can be found at plantations, company buildings and colonial houses. It is the other unknown side of Sumatra. We can tell you the story and bring you there.